30+ Years Experience In Civil Road Work Construction and Line Removal

30+ Years in Civil Road Work Construction and Line Removal on Public Roading, Highways, Car parks, and in Industrial Situations throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.
  • We specialise in the removal of all types of road line marking, audible lines, and anti-skid material from roads, car parks and the internal and external areas of industrial warehouses and sheds.
  • Our services are cost effective, minimally invasive, and environmentally safe.
  • We use a dust suppressing-polyplaning system, combined with a heavy-duty bobcat broom, to minimise dust and ensure the site is left safe and clean.
  • Line marking can be performed immediately after removal, saving time and money on road closures, which is unmatched by other systems.
  • No job is too big or small.

Our Road Line Removal System

Qld Line Removal Bobcat

Our bobcat mounted line-removal-grinder can remove any form of road-markings, including waterborne, thermoplastic, degadur, cold applied plastic markings, and even raised pavement markings.

Qld Line Removal Poly Planer

Our Poly-Planer, with dust suppression system, removes waterborne paint, audio tactile lines, over thickness coatings, Degadur paint, and thermo plastic coatings.

Qld Line Removal Broom

Our heavy-duty road sweeping broom is designed for rapid clean up, enabling re-marking to be performed immediately after removal of old markings.

Our New Line Removal Method using the latest Poly-Planer Technology

Water Blasting on Left  |   Polyplane on Right